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Liles Pediatric Dentistry offers a kid-friendly space, where each child is made welcome and cared for as family!

Our doctors – Dr. GeorgeDr. Phillip, and Dr. Natalie – are skilled caregivers. They provide quality, comprehensive pediatric dentistry with a calm and gentle touch. Working closely with parents, our doctors and team ensure positive visits, so children grow up feeling at ease in the dental environment and confident in maintaining a healthy smile!

We offer specialized dentistry for infants, pre-teens, teens, and children with special needs, tailoring care to each child’s clinical needs and emotional comfort. In addition to dental exams, cleanings, and preventive care, we offer extractions, root canals, restorations, and hospital dentistry.

With a focus on patient and parent education, and a dedication to making dental visits fun, we set children on the path to a lifetime of healthy and happy smiles! Learn more by scheduling your child’s next dental appointment at Liles Pediatric Dentistry in Auburn, AL, today!

Ages 4-5:

  • At ages 4 most children have all of their baby teeth
  • BRUSHING: it is very important to brush these teeth 2 times per day, especially before bedtime. Do not let your child have anything to eat or drink after they brush their teeth at night. Drinking anything other than water at night will cause cavities quickly. They are still learning to brush at this age, but you must brush before or after them even though they are trying to brush on their own.
  • TOOTHPASTE: By now your child should understand how to spit out toothpaste. If so they should be using a toothpaste without fluoride
  • Close to 6 years of age their lower front two teeth will begin to get loose and may lost.
  • Their 6 year molars may erupt behind their very back baby molars
  • Ages 6-11:

  • At age 6 most children will start to get some permanent teeth (if they haven’t already). The lower front two teeth will begin to get loose first, and may be lost. Their 6 years molars may also erupt behind their very back baby molars. This may cause soreness, if so, we recommend Tylenol, Motrin, or whatever is normally given.
  • BRUSHING: by age 6 your child should have the ability to brush on their own. It is a good idea for you to check on them to make sure they are brushing properly.
  • At age 7-8 most children will start to get their upper permanent front teeth (if they haven’t already). Their upper front two baby teeth will begin to get loose first. Don’t be alarmed if your child’s two front permanent teeth look BIG! They will grow into them.
  • At age 10 most children will have their four upper permanent front teeth and will start to lose their baby molars/canines all at once! They will lose about 12 teeth over this span!
  • Ages 11-15

  • Teenagers typically have a full set of permanent teeth. It is important to remind your teenager that these are the teeth they will have forever! They have to take care of them. Usually, wisdom teeth will start to erupt in the late teen years to early twenties.
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